ProcellaCor – A Solution that Lasts!

We’re excited to announce that TLC Perfect Pond is now certified to treat aquatic vegetation with ProcellaCor. ProcellaCor is a selective systemic aquatic herbicide that is changing the game for weed control in ponds and lakes. It treats a wide range of aquatic weeds and provides long-lasting control that doesn’t require repeated, yearly applications.


Dealing with Nuisance Aquatic Vegetation

Invasive aquatic vegetation can cause a myriad of issues for pond owners and lake property owners. Excessive vegetation can significantly affect the recreation quality of a body of water, large or small. Nuisance weeds make fishing and boating difficult, but also make swimming and other watersport activities undesirable.

In addition to weeds affecting the recreational quality of a body of water, they also can impact the fish populations. Excessive weeds make it difficult for predators like largemouth bass to hunt and capture prey like bluegill. As a result, predators usually have a low relative weight because they’re expending so much energy finding food in heavy vegetative cover.


Treating Invasive Aquatic Weeds

As we discussed on a previous blog, there are several methods for reducing aquatic vegetation in a pond or lake. Mechanical removal is usually not effective as a long-term control, although it can make a pond look better in the short-term. But these pond weeds usually have roots in the pond substrate and will quickly grow back.

Biological control can be viable option in some cases. Adding grass carp can help to reduce aquatic weeds at some level. However, grass carp will not consume every species of aquatic vegetation. If adding grass carp, you need to be sure the target vegetation is something that the grass carp will eat.

The other option is chemical removal or spraying. This solution provides a longer control than mechanical removal, but some aquatic weeds are tougher to kill than others. As such, some aquatic weeds will require yearly treatment to keep them at manageable levels. In addition, some subsurface weeds can be tough to kill with Diquat or other traditionally-used aquatic herbicides.

ProcellaCor for Aquatic Weeds

What Makes ProcellaCor Better?

ProcellaCor is an innovative product that:

• Won’t hurt the plants you want to keep in your pond or lake.
• Provides a longer-lasting control than other aquatic herbicides.
• Has a reduced-risk classification from the EPA.
• Requires less active ingredient to be used.

As stated above, ProcellaCor is a selective aquatic herbicide. This means that it only kills the invasive aquatic weeds that you want to remove. It won’t kill any desirable aquatic vegetation that you have in the pond. It also provides a longer-lasting control compared to other aquatic herbicides. As a result, yearly applications are not usually necessary.

ProcellaCor also is much safer to use than other aquatic herbicides on the market. The reduced-risk classification by the Environmental Protection Agency signifies that this product is safe for the fish in the pond and will not affect water quality. It also keeps the pond safe for swimming and other watersport activities.

With other aquatic herbicide options, we have to be careful to only spray a portion of a pond at the time. This is because widespread treatment can deplete oxygen levels in the water, stressing the fish in the pond. We don’t have to worry about this with ProcellaCor and we can treat a much larger area at a time.

ProcellaCor also allows us to use much less active ingredient per treatment. Studies have shown that 40-100x less active ingredient is required with ProcellaCor versus other aquatic herbicides. That means less chemicals in the water with a greater control over the long-term.


Invasive Weeds Controlled with ProcellaCor

• Mosquito Fern
• Water Hyacinth
• Alligatorweed
• American Lotus
• Floating Heart
• Spikerush (slender or creeping)
• Water Pennywort
• Water Primrose
• Watershield
• Baby Tears
• Bacopa
• Coontail
• Hydrilla
• Hydrocopa
• Limnophila
• Rotala


Contact Us to Help with Your Aquatic Weed Problems

ProcellaCor can only be applied by certified professionals who have passed an exam to qualify for use. If you are in the south Georgia or north Florida areas and have persistent aquatic vegetation that needs removing, complete this form and we’ll be glad to help. We’ll assess your problem weeds and develop a treatment plan to eliminate that vegetation and keep it gone for good!

ProcellaCor for Invasive Pond Weeds