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TLC Perfect Pond is your complete solution to pond management serving south Georgia and north Florida. We offer a comprehensive set of solutions to ensure that your pond or lake has the best recreational value possible for boating and fishing. We approach pond management from all angles so that we we can address and solve any issues with the most appropriate and effective plan.


If raising trophy largemouth bass is your goal, we have a tailored set of solutions to ensure that the largemouth bass in your pond will grow to a maximal size. We do this through population surveys, vegetation management, stocking genetically superior fish, and fertilization.

If a strong panfish population is your goal, we have strategies to improve and grow those populations. We look at the entire food web structure of your pond from top to bottom to promote healthy dynamics for prey and predators.

Growing Trophy Bass - TLC Perfect Pond Management Services


Pond Vegetation Control - TLC Perfect Pond


We have programs to treat surface and subsurface pond vegetation to improve the boating and fishing in your pond. We’ll assess the current level of vegetation cover and create programs to ensure that the weed cover stays at appropriate levels for the long term.

Fish Population Sampling - TLC Perfect Pond


We offer electrofishing surveys to sample the fish populations in your pond. These surveys provide insight into the game fish populations as well as the bait fish populations. We’ll use the data from these samples to provide recommendations for improving the quality of your fishery.


We can stock a wide variety of fish species depending on the goals for your pond or lake. We have access to genetically-superior largemouth bass strains that grow fast and bite when other fish won’t bite. We also stock large bluegill and other panfish that can quickly contribute to the pond.

Pond Liming - TLC Perfect Pond


Water quality is an essential part of any pond management program. We’ll perform a water assessment and determine if your pond alkalinity, hardness, pH, or oxygen levels are incorrect. Liming and fertilization provides many benefits including stabilizing pH and feeding plankton.



Whether you have a farm pond that’s a few acres or a community pond/lake that’s 100 acres or more, TLC Perfect Pond has solutions to fit your needs. Our team of biologists have over 30 years combined experience in fisheries management, and they’ll use their expertise to develop custom solutions for your pond. Our process starts with a consultation to understand your goals for the pond and what fish species you would like to see flourishing there.

We’ll then schedule a time to perform an electrofishing survey to determine the current state of the pond. We’ll also analyze the current state of the pond vegetation and perform water quality tests to check for any deficiencies there.¬†Once all this data is collected, we’ll create a comprehensive report with all the data we’ve collected. That report will also include detailed recommendations in conjunction with the goals you’ve established for the pond or lake.

Bluegill in Hand - TLC Perfect Pond