TLC Perfect Ponds is a full-service business than can fill all of your pond management needs.   Whether you are a trophy largemouth bass angler or just enjoy being out on the water with the family, we can design a plan to suit you.  We offer a wide variety of services, from fish stocking to nuisance wildlife control.  All of which are offered at reasonable rates and will be performed with one goal in mind:  to get you the results you want from your ponds.  In this fast-paced world, your free time is more valuable than ever.  Get the most out of it; call John or Jody at TLC Perfect Ponds for a consultation and start catching more fish!

Pond Stocking

We can stock your ponds with whatever species best fit your needs.  We offer bluegill, redear sunfish, and largemouth bass for regular stockings.  We can also offer channel catfish, triploid grass carp, threadfin shad, and fathead minnows.  Check with us for availability; some species and sizes will be season-specific.


We can survey your pond’s fish with our electrofishing boat.  We will check what species are present, how many, and what size they are with no harm to the fish.  Basically, this tells us what’s in your pond now and what we can do improve on it.


Most ponds in this area need to have lime added to them.  Lime buffers the water from extreme changes in pH, which can occur through the biological processes in ponds.  Such changes can adversely affect fish health.  TLC Perfect Ponds will check your pond and can lime it accordingly.


Fertile ponds can produce as much as two times the amount of fish as unfertile ones.  Fertilizing a pond is much the same as with a garden; it provides food in the form of plankton for the small fish, which in turn provide the food for the larger fish.  TLC Perfect Ponds will determine if your pond requires fertilization and can provide this service as well.

Aquatic Vegetation Control

Weeds are both a blessing and a curse in your pond.  If there aren’t enough, small fish can’t hide from predators and the water can get muddy.  But weeds can overtake a pond quickly and can make fishing very difficult.  TLC can survey your pond’s vegetation and formulate a management plan to keep it in check.

Pond Enhancement

TLC Perfect Ponds can also provide extra services to further the productivity of your pond.  We can offer fish feeders, feed, and fish attracting structures.  These, when combined with our other services, can take your pond to the next level.

Wildlife Control

An often overlooked problem is nuisance wildlife.  Beavers can undermine pond levees and dam water that should be flowing.  Otters eat large amounts of fish; fish that pond owners pay hard-earned money for.  If left unchecked, these animals can do untold damage to your pond and property; TLC can lawfully remove them for you.

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